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Gallery 6

Oatridge College, Ecclesmachan 
The college was looking for updated kitchen and catering facilities with adaptable, usable space which could be used for a range of activities which would provide much more than just 'lunch'. 
This refurbishment changed a poorly used catering and cafe area into a busy area providing breakout/study/relaxing facilities which were used all day and through the evening instead of just lunchtime.  It is also extensively used throughout summer school and has the added benefit of providing the college with another area for events and meetings.

Thanks to Sodexo, the college staff and all concerned.  NB: the build team are listed below.
The new foyer and entrance stairwell (shown adjacent) previously gave no indication to students, or anyone for that matter, that it was there. This is now fully coordinated with the 'Eating Place' and includes backlit signage to ensure it will not be overlooked, along with menu and what's on and AV monitor.